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Your AI-powered marketing partner. Fresho takes the hassle out of advertising by automatically creating, optimizing, and publishing ads for all your products.

Automate Dynamic Ads, Cookie-Free.

Easily launch and automate hyper-personalized ads in minutes without the use of third-party cookies.

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One-of-a-kind experiences! Fresho adapts to users.

1. Connect it
Connect with Shopify and Google Ads.
2. Click it
In one click, Fresho automates Google Ads for all your products by creating, publishing, and optimizing ads to maximize performance.
3. Wait for it
Down the road, Fresho will make it super easy to run ads on any platform. No more headaches! We're also adding future-proof features, like ads that automatically change based on what's popular, or the ability to personalize your ads to different audiences without the use of third-party cookies.

Hyper-relevant marketing 📈

Get the most out of your Shopify business. Easily generate marketing emails or cross-sell emails. All automated. Say goodbye to the manual work 👋

The future? 

By using click data, Fresho will generate a relevant landing page — on the fly! 🤯

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What is Fresho?


Fresho is like having a smart assistant handle your Google Ads for you. It figures out how to build them, gets them out there, and takes care of everything – and it does it all without using third-party cookies. It's way more helpful than those tools that just give you suggestions; Fresho actually does the work. Got 100 products? No problem! Fresho will whip up 100 different ads in a flash.

Who is Fresho for? 


E-commerce businesses of all sizes. If you're running an online store, Google Ads can feel like a giant headache. They're complicated, always changing, and it's a major time-suck to do everything yourself.

Where does Fresho work? 


Right now, Fresho works seamlessly with Shopify and Google Ads to make things super easy. Down the road, we're aiming to connect with all the big e-commerce and advertising names out there.

Why should I use Fresho?


Let's be real, Google Ads can get expensive fast – especially if you're not an expert. Creating and managing all those ads sucks up a ton of time, and if you don't personalize to the right people or make your ads interesting, you're basically throwing money away. Plus, this whole thing with cookies disappearing is making it even harder to figure out how to reach the right customers. Let Fresho take care of everything for you!

When should I start using Fresho? 


Think about using Fresho if you're ready to spend money on ads, tired of wasting time on ads, and/or worried about the phasing out of third-party cookies. The sooner you start automating your ads, the easier it'll be to stay ahead of the curve!

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